MARCH 3, 2017

         A snowfall that didn't last very long, but briefly changed the world to a winter wonderland.





OCTOBER 10, 2016

         Fall colors beginning to show in the Rio Chama Wilderness.





SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

         At the risk of being terribly redundant about the skies around here... I'm not sure I'd want to find out if it gets any more unusual than this. There was a rainbow going on at the same time, and it was broken into sections that stopped and started like dots and dashes in its arch across the sky.






         Most often, the sunsets here are among the most amazing I've ever seen, but this morning's sunrise could've easily passed for a sunset. It's no wonder artists get caught up in painting the sky around here as much as the land. Someone said to me recently that New Mexico's motto "The Land of Enchantment" is alternately known as "The Land of Entrapment", as one gets so roped in by the beauty of this place.



AUGUST 22, 2016

         The top photograph is focused on a fragment of the full panorama below.



AUGUST 19, 2016

         Another incredible salute to early evening.



AUGUST 7, 2016

         Simply another uniquely beautiful sunset, from the land of extraordinary sunsets.



JULY 30, 2016

         Last night, I attended two openings with long-time friend, contemporary artist/illustrator Susan Guevara.

         We visited Santa Fe's Gerald Peters Gallery first, where they are hosting a three-man show of works by Logan Maxwell Hagege, G. Russell Case, and Mark Maggiori, titled "The Wild Bunch". Each artist is a favorite of mine, and to see them together showcases the best in western.

         Our next stop was the Evoke Contemporary Gallery, with a reception featuring the new work of Nicholas Herrera & Patrick McGrath Muņiz. This is such powerful, hard-hitting, humorous, political, well-executed art. And like the previous show, great choice of artists, combined to compliment each other perfectly.


JULY 29, 2016

         Often I feel like saying "pinch me, is this for real?" The way the skies perform - the magnificent beauty of these surroundings... There really aren't words that I can think of to do it justice, and it would take a life time to try and paint it well. I live here, and several times a day I can't believe it. Just a short drive away, and there is access to places so incredible it takes my breath away.

         This is taken looking at Cerro Pedernal in the distance, while walking on land in Ghost Ranch.


JULY 23, 2016

         The rain settled down as it approached sunset, but clouds continued to build.

         This is the sun setting on clouds in the distance that were still raining.


JULY 23, 2016

         The day began without a single cloud in the sky. By afternoon, that changed dramatically. The clouds kept building, and the skies darkened. Lightning, thunder, and precious rain came and dampened everything, cooling down what had been a very hot day.

         Here is the sky in the late afternoon. The little dots are swallows enjoying picking up the breeze in flight.


JULY 22, 2016

         I really have no news at the moment. I'm writing to create a place holder for the layout of this page. News could be slow in accumulating, since I spend days painting or beading, both of which tend to be slow activities.

         I may use this news page to post photos of Abiquiu, whose sunsets and cloud formations often increase on the scale of drama, by lightning. Every evening seems more spectacular than the next, and the skies seem like news to me.